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Deepen into the hinterland of the industrial chain
Taking pump products as the core driving force to enhance the industrial development and market integration of the fluid industry, China is a leading global producer of pump and system supporting products. Improving the competitiveness and technological level of Chinese products is currently a consensus in the industry.
The organizing committee of the Pump Expo, together with globally renowned universities, research institutions, and academic institutions, will jointly create such a professional event to delve into the industrial hinterland of East China and assist in leading industry development
Innovative technology application and research and development
The "Pump Expo" will be committed to creating the world's most professional international exhibition for the pump industry, with a focus on innovation and research and development of the latest products. This exhibition is based in China and radiates globally. Professional buyers in well-known fields such as water supply and drainage, oil and gas, water conservancy and environmental protection, pharmaceutical companies, food companies, cosmetics manufacturers, distributors, agents, and other application fields are all our key invited groups for this exhibition, helping to enhance market and technological linkage.
Precision marketing
We have established strong partnerships with the international giant data group Global Data and its VMS overseas market development team, fully capable of providing customers with one-on-one matching for overseas direct buyers.

Global Data It is a group listed on the London Stock Exchange in the UK and is a leading institution in the field of data analysis, consulting, and marketing in the international market. It involves 19 industries such as oil and gas, chemical medicine, mining, and industrial automation, with nearly 30 vertical media platforms and a daily visit of 19 million+.

Buyer pairing
Create an international professional communication platform to assist in improving communication efficiency between exhibitors and buyers. We will make every effort to accurately invite international and domestic buyers and create large-scale forum product releases. The organizing committee of this exhibition will focus on conducting one-on-one negotiations between buyers and exhibitors at different time points, in order to better promote market transactions.
Collaborate with multiple large purchasers in the field of water supply, drainage, petrochemicals, and establish a procurement department.
“Pump Expo”is not just a trade exhibition,
“Pump Expo”We will always take the mission of being the driving force for continuous innovation in the Chinese pump fluid industry, advocating the concepts of innovative applications, intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, and speaking out for the source of continuous innovation in the industry

The value of this grand event at the Pump Expo Fluid Technology Expo 2023" is to combine multiple practical forms, such as:
Annual Expo+Multiple "High Density" Forums+"High Value" Annual Industrial Design Award+High end Technology Product Appreciation Conference+"High Efficiency" Buyer Pair to Pair Procurement Negotiation Conference, etc
"A New and Innovative Event of "High Density, High Value, and High Efficiency"
"#Pump Expo+China Pump System Fluid Industry Technology Expo 2023+Asia Pump Expo 2023+AMSE Amsterdam Asia Mechanical Sealing Expo 2023"
A grand event in the field of "specialization, internationalization, and differentiation" in the pump and valve industry
The Organizing Committee of the Pump Expo and the Organizing Committee of the World Water Conference jointly create the 2023 Asian Pump Expo+2023 World Water Conference (Shanghai) and Expo
Data analysis
PSA 2021: Forecast Key figures 关键数据




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Product category

Organization structure

National Water Pump and System Engineering Technology Research Center
Zhenjiang Fluid Engineering Equipment Technology Research Institute of Jiangsu University
Jiangsu Advanced Fluid Engineering Equipment Industry Technology Innovation Alliance
Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute Fluid Engineering Equipment Technology Research Institute
Waldberg Expo Group

Zhonghua Ward Exhibition Co., Ltd

Waldberg Expo Group


Pump Valve Business Network

Environmental Protection Online

Organizing Committee of the World Water Conference

Supported by
German Chemical Biotechnology Association
International (Capacity) Cooperation Alliance for Agricultural Equipment
China Sensor and IoT Industry Alliance
Fluid Engineering Branch of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering

Zhejiang Pump and Valve Industry Association
Zhejiang Electric Machinery Association
Jiangsu Foundry Association
Jiangsu Valve Industry Association

Jiangsu Renewable Energy Society
Wenling Pump Industry Association
Hebei Provincial Water Pump Industry Technology Research Institute
Hebei Pump Industry Association

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Pump system products

Fluid System Products

Fluid System Products

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Some brand exhibitions and broadcasts
Brand display
Pump Expo - Annual Awards

Yuan Shouqi

Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu University
Director of the National Water Pump and System Engineering Technology Research Center

Pan Zaibing

Chief Engineer of Shanghai KSB Pump Co., Ltd
Deputy Director of China Pump Standards Committee

Yang Chengjiong

Chief Expert of Sinopec Guangzhou Engineering Company

Li Rennian

Vice President of Lanzhou University of Technology
Dean, School of Fluid Dynamics and Control, Lanzhou University of Technology

Li Shubin

Deputy Secretary General and Chief Engineer of the Pump Industry Branch of the China General Machinery Association

Hindo Zhang

Technical Director, Ebara Production Institute, Ltd
Chairman of the Japan Turbomachinery Association

Guan Xingfan

Renowned expert at the National Water Pump and System Engineering Technology Research Center of Jiangsu University
Author of the "Pump Theory and Technology" manual

Martin Boehle

Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Leader of the International Water Pump Design Software Development Team

Shou Fang Tian

Professor and doctoral advisor at Zhejiang University
Director of the Computer Aided Product Innovation Design Engineering Center of the Ministry of Education
Vice President and Secretary General of China Industrial Design Association

2023 Yangtze River Delta International Pump and System Summit Forum
Annual meeting
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